Ylang-Ylang, solar and hypnotic

Ylang-Ylang, solar and hypnotic

Meaning "flower of flowers" in Indonesian, ylang-ylang (cananga odorata) instantly evokes an intoxicating, solar and exotic scent. Focus on this key ingredient of M. Micallef's iconic perfume: Ylang in Gold.


Appreciating humid tropical climates, it is between Madagascar and the Comoro Islands that this flower with its slender silhouette in the shape of a large star has found the perfect soil to flourish and offer the best of its solar, fruity, spicy and sometimes smoky Facets  . When its petals turn from light green to deep yellow with a carmine red dot appearing at its heart, the flower is ready to be picked. Requiring little care, the ylang-ylang tree, from the Annonaceae family, is characterized by its generosity. Able to reach 30 meters in height, it is cut to be kept at human height in order to facilitate picking. Each tree can produce 10 kg of flowers each year, and it takes 40 to 50 kg of flowers to obtain 1 liter of essential oil. For perfumers, ylang-ylang essential oil evokes jasmine, tuberose, green banana and the smell of nail polish!


A Favorite flower of the perfumers

Blending wonderfully with vanilla notes, we find ylang-ylang at the heart of several famous oriental floral fragrances. Bringing sensuality and character to a feminine perfume, it often appears in the scores of bouquets of white flowers. Among the most famous fragrances appealing to her charms, we can cite N°5 and Coco by Chanel, Samsara, Teracotta and Embruns d'Ylang by Guerlain, Organza by Givenchy, Diorissimo and Poison by Dior, Loulou by Cacharel and the Moheli Water by Diptyque.


Ylang in Gold, a tribute by M. Micallef

Created in 2010, Ylang in Gold , eau de parfum immediately created a stir. No fragrance before had been so successful in capturing a sunny tropical atmosphere tinged with elegance and refinement.

Characterized by its solar aura, evolving between strength, sensuality and softness, Ylang in Gold opens with a geranium boosted by juicy citrus. Then, a sandalwood/ylang-ylang heart provides woody, amber and velvety sensations coming to languish on a greedy and suave base composed of coconut and vanilla. A deep trail radiating with an exotic, enigmatic and enveloping elegance stretches lastingly over skin that mischievously plays with the light.

 In addition to its fragrance, Ylang in Gold shakes up the codes of traditional high perfumery by offering an intense work on  texture. Sensual and slightly creamy, it leaves a delicate veil of pearly gold on the skin: a rare feat! In each bottle, the team of M. Micallef workshop in Grasse manually deposits a few grams of real gold powder. Ylang in Gold has also been available since 2020 in Nectar: ​​a more intense, concentrated 30 ml version.

Part of the feminine musts of the Jewel Collection, bringing together the most precious M. Micallef fragrances, Ylang in Gold is presented in this year 2022 in a new bottle for a special edition. Coated in matt lacquered white, it is decorated with 24-carat gold leaf laid one by one by hand. Irresistible.

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