French perfumery M.Micallef was founded in 1996 in Grasse, the world capital of perfumes. Born from the alchemy between Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman, this family business developed the "Art and Perfume" concept. At once perfumer, craftsman and art house, this signature, highly acclaimed by a demanding clientele, is now present in 75 countries through 900 outlets, including sumptuous own-name boutiques. The secret of M.Micallef's success ? Unequalled creative freedom in the world of perfumery.



Artistic director and above all an artist, Martine Micallef has been able to breathe a unique soul into her brand in the world of niche perfumery. Anchored in her time, in search of an authenticity dedicated to custom-made creations, Martine Micallef touches her clientele through the grace of a singular language resulting from her creative audacity, shaped by a path of life off the beaten track and enriched by multiple travels. Masterful works of art, the bottles of the Micallef collections embody the fineness of M. Micallef as well as the unique vision of this signature, sublimating fragrances and bottles alike with the same demand for excellence.

Following an initial career dedicated to international finance, Geoffrey Nejman, assisted by the Grasse-based « nose » Jean-Claude Astier, launched into perfume creation and founded Parfums M. Micallef with his spouse Martine Micallef. Self-taught and gifted with an outstanding "nose", Geoffrey Nejman elaborates voluptuous scores dedicated to emotion.



« Each day Grasse awakens our senses by the splendour of its terroir. In this paradise illuminated by a languid sunshine, through its fields and alleyways, the air is filled with the penetrating notes released by an army of jasmine, roses, iris, tuberose, violets, orange blossoms, citrus fruits, aromatic plants... Such is the palette reflected by our creations, the mirror of a luminosity, a majestic nature, a history as well as the embodiment of our lifestyle on the Riviera. This is where we live, where we create. » 

                              Martine Micallef & Geoffrey Nejman. 


Opulent, gourmand, sunny, floral, sensual, woody, spicy and always elegant, M.Micallef fragrances summon the noblest raw materials, among which stand out the exceptional flowers from the Pays de Grasse. A pioneer in the olfactory family of orientals, the company has since broadened its palette of nuances with a passion for original combinations, served by an innate sense of the avant-garde.


Designed by Martine Micallef, the hand-decorated jewelry bottles made in Grasse display precious finishes. Made of openwork metal, adorned with crystals, enhanced with gold paint or hand-painted, these exceptional bottles have become, over the years, charismatic objects highly acclaimed by lovers of beauty.


If the inspiration of Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman gladly wanders through the universe of dreams, the duo is nonetheless down to earth and keeps its hands in the flowers, actively committed to a virtuous perfumery. Adopting a short circuit "from the flower to the bottle", the company is the exclusive partner of a Grasse horticultural estate located near its factory and workshop. There, all year long, horticulturist Pierre Chiarla pampers exceptional flowers such as the Centifolia Rose, Jasmine and Tuberose that are included in the composition of the fragrances elaborated by M.Micallef.