Which perfume will you wear in autumn?

Walks in the damp undergrowth after a rain shower , the first cosy  fires, hot chestnuts, apple pies, vanilla and orange blossom cakes ... Like every season, autumn has its olfactory codes. Highly comforting, autumnal fragrances warm your wake.


At M.Micallef, three eaux de parfum are particularly appreciated from the first frost. They are not only worn on the skin (don't forget your neck!), But are also perfect for perfuming your scarves, coats, hairbrushes, bags, bathrobes ... Thus, you will have even more sensory pleasures throughout the day


Warm and powerful, this unisex fragrance from the Secrets of Love Collection is distinguished by its precious bottle evoking a cage of love and above all by its superbly balanced oriental, floral and woody partition. Generously summoning jasmine and cedar at its heart, Spiritual blossoms on a benzoin amber base warmed by a vanilla note.


With its vanilla sandalwood base and jasmine pink heart, this sensual elixir enhanced with fruity and spicy notes offers a woody atmosphere, delicately powdery in perfect harmony with its sculptural copper like bottle, emblematic of the Secrets Of Love Collection.


Imagine. A gentle walk in the undergrowth after the rain. A few rays of sunshine come to comfort this peaceful nature. Blending with earth and aromatic plants, this unisex eau de parfum, the latest opus from the Jewel Collection, is distinguished by its comforting tones, both mineral and woody. The secret ? A divine base of foam, musk, patchouli, vanilla

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