Vanilla in perfumery, a delight.

Gourmand, sweet and resolutely sensual, vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) warms up the seductive fragrances M. Micallef is renowned for. Did you know that over 100 species of vanilla have been identified—all belonging to the orchid family? Imported into Europe in the 16th century, vanilla quickly became a key ingredient in perfumery under the reign of Louis XIV—under the spell of its aroma, the Sun King ordered its cultivation on a large scale on Bourbon Island, as Reunion Island was then called.


In 1889, to create his perfume Jicky, Aimé Guerlain used vanillin, a less expensive aromatic aldehyde. The fragrance was met with great success. Later, the mythical Chanel N° 5 —created in 1921—integrated vanillin to its floral bouquet. From then on, designers no longer hesitated to combine vanilla with ultra-gourmet ingredients such as caramel, chocolate, honey or passion fruit to create real olfactory treats, like the famous Angel by Mugler.


Singularly voluptuous, the rich partitions of M. Micallef summon the noblest vanillas from Madagascar to treat our senses to a particularly intense journey.  The Mon Parfum Collection reveals an ultra-feminine trail, while Ylang in Gold dares the exotic marriage of vanilla with ylang-ylang, sandalwood and coconut—a sensual and opulent experience. Gourmet, from the Secrets Of Love Collection, creates a surprise by uniting vanilla, incense, chestnut and leather. Among the new fragrances, the unisex EdenFalls from the Jewel Collection proves that vanilla excels as a base note, bringing its sweetness to aromatic, spicy and floral hesperidic juices. Rich and powerful, the fragrance reveals a particularly addictive trail, the signature of M. Micallef fragrances.


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