The Perfume Extract: Nectar!

The Perfume Extract: Nectar!


Few international perfume houses have taken on the delicate task of creating a more intense version of their most iconic juices. Pure and powerful, the perfume extract capsizes the senses. Precious, it offers the most captivating expression of a scent. A “haute couture” interpretation of a fragrance, it is the very embodiment of luxury: the equivalent of what jewelry is to jewelry.


A Little History

From the end of the 19th century—when modern perfumery was in its infancy—and until the 1950s, concentrated perfume was omnipresent. It is the initial creation of the Master Perfumer. At that time, the perfume was worn more in the evening, as the final touch of beauty for a dinner or a reception. The other variations intended for the morning wash—eau de toilette, fresh water and colognes—were developed from the original version by the laboratory assistants. During the 1970s, perfume houses developed a new concentration: eau de parfum — the concentration of choice at M.Micallef.


M. Micallef Nectars: the soul of fragrance

In 2020, M.Micallef created a surprise by launching the concentrated versions of four of its most iconic women’s fragrances, under the poetic and exclusive name “Nectars”. More intense, these new interpretations of the three feminine musts of the Jewel Collection—Royal Muska, Ylang in Gold, Pure Extrême — and Ananda exalt the opulence of their luminous, oriental, flowery and woody scents. A feat. Several months of development were necessary for Geoffrey Nejman, director of fragrances, and his team to create these Nectars. The nose of the Grasse brand had to delve into the composition of these world best-sellers to weave an intimate relationship with each of the original fragrances. He then accentuated the most characteristic accords in order to exacerbate their olfactory signature and magnify their captivating facets, thanks to a high concentration of 30% (compared to 10 to 20% for an eau de parfum). The result? The initial scents are transcended by fabulous natural materials, including exceptional flower absolutes from the Grasse region. “We particularly focused on the richer and more enveloping middle and base notes in order to play the card of intense sensuality.” Geoffrey Nejman.


Royal Muska

Played in major mode, the musks and precious woods of Royal Muska are enveloped in  juicy peach and imperial rose for this floral oriental, here revealed in a powerful vibration.


Ylang in Gold

As soon as this solar Nectar comes into contact with the skin, intriguing coconut / vanilla and ylang-ylang / sandalwood accords are revealed, propelled by a mysterious geranium. A velvety elegance tinged with exoticism. Captivating!


Pure Extreme

Bold, reputed singular, the score of Pure Extrême emphasizes the luminosity of contemporary accords. In this Nectar, the musky facets of the fragrance are magnified by a work on the most powerful raw materials essential to its identity: gardenia, jasmine and amber, along with a bouquet of white flowers.



With its irresistible floral scent, Ananda is one of the world best-selling fragrances by Maison M.Micallef. Housed in its iconic jewel bottle, this Nectar version intensifies the bouquet of white flowers of this now emblematic fragrance.


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