The DNA of Royal Vintage, a Legendary Fragrance...

An elegant and timeless eau de parfum, Royal Vintage is worn daily by M. Micallef’s olfactory director: Geoffrey Nejman. Virile, noble and particularly refined, Royal Vintage does not bend to any trend, hence its international success since its creation in 2013. This powerful chypre is built upon beautiful natural materials. “Royal Vintage brings nobility and suavity to male skin. Its roundness reveals an amber aura that one never tires of. Royal Vintage counts among the rare perfumes one can wear for a lifetime. This is undeniably a basic. A sure value,” says Geoffrey Nejman, the architect of this exceptional eau de parfum that became a signature for gentlemen and aesthetes.

Now part of the prestigious Jewel Collection, this renowned elixir is featured in a new bottle, while the fragrance remains unchanged. The iconic bottle features clean lines with a vibrant sheen. Finished in a precious hand-brushed metal, this remarkable case gives Royal Vintage a new visibility with a modern aesthetic.

The fragrance: an aromatic chypre

Top note: the energy of bergamot

Combined with pink berries and apple, bergamot brings its seductive citrus facet and makes the fragrance particularly pleasant from the start. “Bergamot is generously used in our men’s, women’s and unisex collections. It provides the tonic touch that boosts a fragrance,” explains Geoffrey Nejman. A hybrid of the lemon and the sour orange, the bergamot tree was brought by Christopher Columbus from the Canary Islands to Spain, then to Italy. It is rumored that the bergamot takes its name from the city of Bergamo, the first place where it was cultivated in Europe. In perfumery, only the cold extracted zest is used.

Middle Note, the Green Touch of Thyme

Yes, thyme is an aromatic herb that can as well enhance a dish as a perfume! Alongside cypress and jasmine in the heart of Royal Vintage’s composition, this plant from the Lamiaceae family reveals an immediately identifiable scent: a particularly invigorating shot, drawn directly from the sunny soils of the Mediterranean scrubland. “Thyme gives Royal Vintage a sunny touch, a must in any quality chypre fragrance.”

Base Note: The Warmth of Patchouli

Many of us are familiar with patchouli without really knowing what it is, right? An essential pillar of perfumery, the patchouli plant is distinguished by its large, wide leaves. A very precise process must be followed to obtain its essential oil, which is derived from its sun-dried leaves. Once steam distilled, they offer a powerful warm, smoky and woody scent, ideal as a base note. Patchouli is one of Geoffrey Nejman’s favorite ingredients, making up the Royal Vintage base quartet with musk, amber and moss. He likes to use patchouli in unexpected combinations to create surprising and highly seductive creations.

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