Precious Tuberose

An opulent white flower renowned for its extreme sensuality, tuberose reveals multiple facets: creamy, animalic, green, solar, spicy… As complex as it is captivating, it combines wonderfully with other white flowers, such as jasmine and ylang-ylang. M. Micallef celebrates the refinement of these bouquets through its feminine creations.


Originally from Mexico, tuberose was introduced to Grasse during the 17th century. A powerful perfume plant appearing in clusters of white star-shaped flowers at the end of long green stems, it surprises with its fragrance so bewitching that in Italy, in the 16th century, it was forbidden to young girls. Some whisper it even promotes intuition…

Grown in the open ground in spring, it can bloom until November—its harvest is always done by hand. Tuberose absolute is intended for the manufacture of prestigious oriental and floral fragrances. In 1985, Dior put it back in the spotlight with its iconic “Poison” made of intense tuberose, sandalwood, apple, patchouli, rose, spices and honey.

As you can see, this bewitching flower is particularly suitable for women of character.


Tuberose at M. Micallef

“Tuberose is a flower that I particularly appreciate—we are proud to grow it at our Domaine Terre de Jasmin, in Grasse. She possesses this sensual, almost carnal aura which, correctly associated with other solar flowers, creates sumptuous, particularly bewitching fragrances with honeyed notes. Tuberose is featured in several of our gourmand feminine fragrances: the Mon Parfum Collection, Vanille Extrême, Black Ananda, as well as at the heart of one of our first major international successes: Watch, with its almost tropical aura.” Geoffrey Nejman, Olfactory Director.






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