Once upon a time, there was... Sahska

The time is 1996. Martine Micallef and her accomplice Geoffrey Nejman embark simultaneously on two great adventures: they prepare to welcome their son Alexander and create their perfume house. First-born of this company dedicated to precious fragrances and art bottles: Sahska for Her, an aldehyde floral, and Sahska for Him, a fern oriental, are immediately met with success. "I was pregnant at that time, and very happy. A new life was opening up before me, one that promised to be extraordinarily fulfilling. When the time came to create the Sahska bottle, the shape of the egg came as an evidence. I was carrying life and we were going to give birth to our brand. Initially, we considered naming the fragrances Sasha, which is the Russian diminutive for Alexander. But in order to avoid confusion with Pasha de Cartier, we added a "k" to stand out and, already, lay the first stone of our fantastically exotic universe" reveals Martine Micallef. Today, Alexander and Micallef perfumes are celebrating their 25th anniversary. What a beautiful age!

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