Christmas selection

Christmas selection 2021

Passion is a gift


This year, Martine Micallef wanted you to experience the Christmas spirit through her memories. She has chosen to stage 5 highlights of the house she created 25 years ago with her alter-ego Geoffrey Nejman, constant accomplice. Together, they offer you 5 scented wonders created with passion in Grasse… So many sensual and sunny gifts to warm hearts.


An inimitable feminine olfactory signature, Ananda releases its flowery trail in its sensual architectural bottle. Releasing disturbing notes inviting serenity (Ananda means serenity in Sanskrit), this eau de parfum opens with a fruity tone before blossoming into a lush bouquet of white flowers resting on a background of white musk sprinkled with mimosa. Seducing all generations, this intoxicating elixir is a capital tribute to femininity.

Olfactory family: floral

Head: pear - plum

Heart: violet - mimosa

Base: white musk - vanilla


Pure Extreme

Iconic, Pure Extrême created a stir when it was launched. One of a kind, this feminine eau de parfum exalts an intensely contemporary elegance: both refined and sassy. Its so singular, luminous and crystalline wake gives pride of place to the precious white flowers of the Grasse region.

Type: female

Olfactory family: musky floral

Head: rose - gardenia

Heart: Jasmine - white flowers

Base: Amber - white musk


Royal muska

Magnifying both the strength and the grace of white musk, Royal Muska is a sumptuous feminine fragrance that opens its heart like a blooming flower. The warm and deep trail reveals a delight of floral, woody and musky notes with a hint of peach and rose from Grasse. A vintage !

Type: female

Olfactory family: floral - woody - musky

Head: peach - pink

Heart: musk - precious wood

Base: white musk





Treat yourself to a sensory and emotional journey with Spiritual. First, we succumb to the jewel bottle of Spiritual, the latest addition to the Secrets Of Love Collection. Then, we fall in swoon in front of this unisex eau de parfum so luminous, oscillating between warmth, power and transparency. With its floral freshness, oriental sensuality and amber-vanilla base, Spiritual capsizes hearts.

Type: unisex

Olfactory family: oriental - floral

Head: pink berries - bergamot

Heart: jasmine - cedar

Base: ambergris - vanilla - benzoin




Royal Vintage

Recently adorned with its new contemporary outfit, Royal Vintage has embodied the timelessness of masculine elegance for almost a decade. Deploying a remarkably refined score, this eau de parfum worn daily by the master of the house Geoffrey Nejman is acclaimed the world over by the most elegant men on the planet. Undoubtedly, Royal Vintage remains the signature of seducers demanding excellence in fine perfumery. An insider's secret.

Type: male

Olfactory family: woody

Head: pink berries

Heart: cypress

Base: patchouli - musk





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