Aoud, a perfume of unprecedented power

What is Aoud?

Exotic, bewitching and fascinating, aoud (or oud) reveals intense woody, dark and leathery tones.

Produced by a tropical tree of the Aquilaria family when infected with a fungus, Aoud is a rare and therefore valuable resin, also known as agarwood or aloe wood. It comes mainly from India, Thailand, Burma, Laos and Vietnam.


Used for centuries for medicinal and spiritual purposes, aoud is particularly prized by Buddhists who burn it to promote meditation. In the Muslim culture, it is used in the form of particularly sensual perfumed oils by both women and men.


M. Micallef, the pioneers of Aoud

M. Micallef has boldly imposed this rare and opulent essence. Through a precious alchemy, the perfumer enhanced it with unprecedented elegance—Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman have worked tirelessly during two years to bring their Western vision of this exotic ingredient to life. In 2002, the duo surprised the world of modern perfumery by launching their first aoud collection.



“When we discovered aoud while strolling through the souks of the Middle East, we were immediately seduced by the power and magnetic aura of this scent which, let’s face it, leaves no one indifferent. We discovered it in the form of vials containing perfumed oils, used on the body and hair. We wanted to convert these oils into alcohol and, obviously, combine them with flowers.”


Upon their return to Grasse, France, with their collaborator Jean-Claude Astier, Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman took action and created several fragrances such as the mythical and romantic Rose Aoud, which tells the story of the Queen of Flowers in a bewitching oriental version. Free, nomadic and artistically conceived, these fragrances are distinguished by their shimmering and generous scents. Sensuality in overdoses: the M.Micallef style was born.

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