Can we change  perfume every season?

Many of you stick to one scent all year round. Often times, you find it a perfect match for you and, for those close to you, it has become your "signature". On the other hand, did you know that our skin changes according to climate change? Its natural smell and texture is not quite the same in summer as in winter. And, like food, we don't want the same things in hot weather and in the heart of winter. Imagine, juicy, sun-kissed fruit that cools you down when the sun is at its zenith, or a generous hot chocolate sprinkled with a little cinnamon as the flakes dance in your window! When it comes to perfumes, many of us turn to fresh, solar, citrus fragrances in summer; the flowery ones at the time of spring, the spicy and woody ones in autumn, and the opulent chypre and gourmet Orientals at the time of winter.

The M. Micallef house is firmly rooted in this phenomenon and has designed "Les 4 Saisons" collection with for each season, an exceptional “eau de parfum” that divinely evolves on both male and female skin. These fragrances complete your "olfactory dressing" to satisfy your desires for harmony with our natural environment.


Opening the doors to an extraordinary garden covered with flowers, Printemps is a floral highlighting the trio of rose  / jasmine / violet on a background of gaiac / vanilla / white musk.


Subtle, refined and obviously sunny, Été is characterized by its citrus fruits refreshed by mint subtly accompanied by white musk. This citrus gives pride of place to mandarin orange and bergamot on a pomelo / languid mint base white musk base.


Divinely woody and spicy, Automne is characterized by its heart of red fruits and cumin on a comforting background: patchouli / sandalwood / vanilla. A real “feelgood” scent.


Evoking the scent of a roaring fire enhanced with floral and woody notes, Winter is a cocoon, warm and sensual fragrance.

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